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How to Use Rufus to     Make Bootable USB

You then are required to choose “MRB partition scheme for BIOS or UEFI computers” or “GPT partition scheme for UFEL computers”. The choice is depend on the type of partition on your computer.


The whole process can be easy to operate, even for a green hands, it won’t take much time to understand. However, as a free tool, Rufus now also meet with some problems, like the hash sum information for installation files is not provided, and users may get to some other Rufus alternatives as they like.


First, you should go to Rufus official website and download Rufus to an available computer, and make sure to get the latest version.

Launch the program and insert USB flash drive to your computer. Before using this USB flash drive, you’d better to save or backup the data inside.

You will find options on the interface of Rufus. During this process, you need to select your USB under “Drive” menu.



Written by Dwayne Clienton